Sunday, March 18, 2018
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The Mount Bogong Club Inc.

The Mt Bogong Club was formed in 1965 to promote the environmentally sensitive and safe recreational use of Mt Bogong, to maintain the Cleve Cole Memorial hut and Michell Refuge for community use, provide a safety refuge for those in need of assistance on the mountain and to organise social and recreational events for club members. The Mt Bogong Club works closely and in conjunction with Parks Victoria, the manager of the Alpine National Park, including Mt Bogong.

Potential Club members are required to have walked to the top of Mt Bogong, have completed a Work Party and then be nominated for membership. The current annual membership fee is $20 or $40 for families.

Members have access to the member’s facilities at Cleve Cole ($5 per night) and participate in all Club activities. There is an annual Rort that includes an annual general meeting where members complete the formalities and catch up over dinner.


Cleve Cole 1940s'Evening all Splendiferii,

Sit down, take a deep breath, prepare yourselves....
Unbelievable but true...
You are about to be the proud recipient of another piece of fabled Mt Bogong folklore; it is time for another newsletter.
Impossible you say - a second newsletter in three months, but wait there is more - the steak knifes are on their way too, okay so that last bit is just hyperbole, but the newsletter, well you better read it and see.
With thanks to the usual suspect Dave Mcleod and also to Luigi from parts North for the earnest ramblings, all true, of an elder statesman of the tribe.
Read it and weep.
Rob Karoly
MtBC Inc
non circum coimus!
ps don't forget to open the link to Vimeo clip under the boots photo. It is the way of the future.